Totti puhumassa ASIS Hong Kong seminaarissa

Totti on puhumassa 29.3. ASIS Hong Kong seminaarissa covid-exitistä – COVID Exit-Plan: How to Prepare Your Organization for Post-Pandemic Threats.

As we continue to navigate an uncertain future, organizations are asking themselves how to best prepare for possible threats in a post-pandemic world. Year 2020 has forced many people to situations that cause stress and anxiety. Sometimes people do not handle these situations well, which has led to increased numbers of conflicts, suicidal behaviour, substance abuse and crime. The webinar will look at challenges security directors and managers need to understand and prepare for in the post-pandemic era.

Key takeaways:

What are the emerging behavioral trends organizations are facing due to COVID?

How can we proactively address these challenges?

What threat assessment approaches should you focus on post COVID?

We will look at situations from psychological and security perspective.

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