Totti mukana 24.9. the OSPAs webinaarin panelistina

Totti on mukana 24.9. the OSPAs webinaarin panelistina keskustelemassa turvallisuussektorin muutoksista ja vaatimuksista pohjoismaissa uuden “normaalin” kynnyksellä.

The role of security in Scandinavia: what are the implications for security in the ‘new’ normal

The world has heard about the different approaches to the virus taken across Scandinavia. What is less well publicised, at least outside the region, is what the experience of those working in security has been. What is even more interesting to international observers is what the key lessons have been and will be for those working in security in Scandinavia. In this webinar we will help to fill the void. We will:

• Evaluate experiences of the security sector in different areas
• Understand the key steppingstones to the new normal
• Consider what we can learn for security globally

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