22.6. Totti Karpelan maksuton webinaari: COVID Exit Planning: Preparing Your Organisation for Post-Pandemic world

Finn Cham Hong Kong järjestää 22.6. maksuttoman webinaarin, jossa Totti Karpela on puhumassa aiheesta COVID Exit Planning: Preparing Your Organisation for Post-Pandemic world.

Milloin: 22.6.2021 klo 09.00

ILMOITTAUDU TÄSTÄ: https://www.finncham.com.hk/event/covid-exit-planning-preparing-your-organisation-for-post-pandemic-world/

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As we continue to navigate an uncertain future, organisations are asking themselves how to best prepare for a post-pandemic world. Join Totti’s presentation as we discuss emerging trends and challenges facing organisations in the post-pandemic era, and how we can proactively address them. We Will look at how and why people might be reluctant to return to work, the role of personal and organisation resilience, crime prevention, mental health and self-care.

The webinar is great for people in HR and managerial roles, customer service and training department, people working in roles across Asia as well as individuals who are interested in helping others.


Totti Karpela, Peace of Mind Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Mr. Karpela, a graduate of the Finland’s Police University College, has a 20-year career in the National Police of Finland where he worked as a negotiator, unit supervisor and subject matter expert in the prevention or targeted violence. In his current role, he works with global organisations, helping the clients preventing and navigating through a broad variety of problematic behaviour amongst staff and customers. Totti has extensive experience in dealing with counter-productive behaviour in the workplace and has lectured globally to organisations about the phenomenon. He also holds numerous professional certifications related to violence risk assessment. Totti divides his time between two homes, one in Hong Kong and the other in Helsinki.